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Create an account. Uses an already activated account to create a new account
Return: Transaction object
  • The expiration time of the http api creation transaction is 1 minute, so to complete the on-chain, you need to complete gettransactionsign and broadcasttransaction within 1 minute after the creation.
owner_address string
account_address string
visible boolean (optional)
permission_id int32 (optional)
  • owner_address is an activated account,converted to a hex String.If the owner_address has enough bandwidth obtained by freezing Wel, then creating an account will only consume bandwidth , otherwise, 0.1 Wel will be burned to pay for bandwidth, and at the same time, 1 Wel will be required to be created.
  • account_address is the address of the new account, converted to a hex string, this address needs to be calculated in advance
  • visible is optional, whether the address is in base58 format
  • permission_id is optional,for multi-signature use
curl --request POST --url --header 'Accept: application/json' --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --data ' { "owner_address": "414203485a535a4072C9FBFaADDfe2A010AD0BcdB0", "account_address": "414203485a535a4072C9FBFaAEEfe2A010AD0BcdC0" }
"owner_address": "414203485a535a4072C9FBFaADDfe2A010AD0BcdB0",
"account_address": "414203485a535a4072C9FBFaAEEfe2A010AD0BcdC0"
"visible": false, "txID": "a5d95d0ba8370f1b585f4cc427d3827b97036d73cc980b97390c603d0403b0c9", "raw_data": { "contract": [ { "parameter": { "value": { "owner_address": "414203485a535a4072c9fbfaaddfe2a010ad0bcdb0", "account_address": "414203485a535a4072c9fbfaaeefe2a010ad0bcdc0" }, "type_url": "type.googleapis.com/protocol.AccountCreateContract" }, "type": "AccountCreateContract" } ], "ref_block_bytes": "d576", "ref_block_hash": "7aa71a8b97000d36", "expiration": 1639056939000, "timestamp": 1639056881436 }, "raw_data_hex": "0a02d57622087aa71a8b97000d3640f8afa0fbd92f5a6612640a32747970652e676f6f676c65617069732e636f6d2f70726f746f636f6c2e4163636f756e74437265617465436f6e7472616374122e0a15414203485a535a4072c9fbfaaddfe2a010ad0bcdb01215414203485a535a4072c9fbfaaeefe2a010ad0bcdc0709cee9cfbd92f"
=> Continue you call gettransactionsign API then call broadcasttransaction API
We will the final result: The account created success on WEL network.
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